reScript Store

Helping pharmacies offer their products and services to customers online.

Retail Products and Services with e-Prescriptions

reScript Store allows you to offer your products and services to your customers, on their phone, when they receive an e-prescription from the doctor.

reScript Store will populate your products, your stock on hand, and your prices from your database directly, then present them in an eCommerce page for customers to purchase from.

reScript also allows you to add services to the Store, e.g. delivery, pharmacy consults, and prescription reminders.

reScript Store

How it works From doctor, to patient, to pharmacy

reScript is a printer at the doctors’ office, when they print a prescription, it appears on their screen, and allows them to select a pharmacy from a drop-down list of nearby pharmacies (with the ability to search all pharmacies).

Once they click “send”, the patient gets an SMS to confirm the selected pharmacy, or to select one, if one was not selected by the doctor.

When the patient selects the pharmacy, they are offered items from your own reScript Store, they can “add to script” or simply skip and just send the prescription.

The prescription, along with any service or product requested, will be sent as a single PDF to the pharmacy’s dedicated prescription email (or fax if no email is allocated for that pharmacy).

Getting set up Get your reScript Store set up in 30 minutes

If you currently have the DrInfo agent (Pharminder service or reScript), you don’t need to do anything other than notify us and agree to start your reScript Store.

If you don’t have DrInfo yet, you can contact us to arrange installation. This takes 15-30 min, and you will be up and running.

You don’t need to do anything additional or different to keep the reScript Store running. reScript Store maintains itself; you will start receiving retail and service orders with your customer’s ePrescription.