How reScript Works


Getting Started

Signing up

Signing up to our free solution is easy; just contact us and we’ll be in touch to arrange installation.

System requirements

General practices and pharmacies need to be NZePS enabled to use reScript.
reScript integrates with all practice management systems (PMS).
Patients need to have a smartphone with access to the internet and location services enabled.

reScript Installation

Installation Instructions

Installation of reScript can be carried out remotely by our team, your IT provider, or even a member in your practice. It takes only about 5-10 minutes.

Important: Make sure you have your unique software licence key that we issued you. If you do not yet have one of these, send us an email to request one.

reScript Demo

Watch our video demonstration

Watch the below video demonstration to see how reScript works. 

How to use reScript

How to use rePay

Payment companion for reScript

rePay enables practices to easily charge patients and receive payments for scripts and virtual consults when using reScript. rePay is integrated into the reScript automated script management system, allowing the patient to pay directly, immediately and securely via credit card.

DrInfo acts as the broker between the practice and patient, to manage the transactions.

The practice is sent a daily report showing the patients that have paid for their consults and scripts, along with a pro forma invoice (i.e. an invoice from the Practice to DrInfo) that reconciles with the patients’ payments. DrInfo pays the practice on a weekly basis.