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Swap pen and paper for a simple text message – use reScript to generate, send and fulfil signature exempt prescriptions.

Manage scripts remotely

GPs, pharmacists and patients are forced to handle hundreds of paper-based prescriptions every day. Some GPs still send prescriptions to pharmacies by fax, and patients have few options to choose a pharmacy that’s actually convenient for them.

reScript has been approved by the Ministry of Health as a digital solution to send signature exempt prescriptions from GP, to patient, to pharmacy.

The reScript service is compatible with GP practice management systems and provides GPs with an ability to issue prescriptions virtually for patients. Please note that GPs and pharmacies need to be NZePS enabled to use reScript. For more information refer to the Ministry of Health’s FAQs on Signature Exempt Prescriptions.

reScript allows GPs and pharmacists to have more time in the day to serve their communities, and patients to have more time in the day to get on with their lives.

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Overview How it works

1. GP generates prescription

The GP uses their practice management system (PMS) to generate a prescription, as they normally would, though instead of printing the prescription onto paper, the GP “prints” to reScript.
The GP will be prompted to create a digital signature that will be applied to all future reScript prescriptions.

2. Patient chooses pharmacy

reScript sends a text message to the patient’s mobile phone and asks them to select their preferred pharmacy to pick up their medication.
The patient can choose from a list of pharmacies nearby, or their preferred pharmacy.


3. Pharmacy receives prescription

The selected pharmacy receives a copy of the prescription from reScript by either email, fax, or the DrInfo App Bar. They will then prepare and dispense the medication, ready for collection from the patient.

4. Patient collects medication

The patient visits their chosen pharmacy and collects their medication.

Coming soon! We are working on supporting community pharmacy to deliver medicines directly to the patient.


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